An Solas Sí
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The Live-Learn-Make Worker Cooperative for the ArtScience of Communications, Performance, Craft, Artisanship, Intellectual Property and Patent Management

Our mission is a unique fusion of political drama and guerrilla theatre artfully employed to demonstrate how real-world villages, towns, or cities can transition to an adaptive, resilient, sustainable cooperative paradigm suited for life in an increasingly volatile world. Our motto, “Economic Democracy for Social Democracy”, is grounded in our adaptation of Sociocracy, self-governance based on a unifying intentional common sense, a lingua franca of reason, culture as technology prioritised for the understanding of people in context, to optimise human strengths, accommodate human limitations. Before us lay the prerequisite tasks of completing research and development for incorporation, site selection, and the construction of our community as a public-private living lab and living stage. And should you be inspired to commit your time, talent, and treasure to the continued organisation of this inception team, feel free to contact Muirén (sounds like moor-RAYN) directly.

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