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I appreciate and applaud the effort to create intentional communities for people of color. I am a woman who is recognizing I may need a community of some type when I am older but I'm not interested in a place just for old people. I've lived a vibrant, active life and I want to be in community with people of color, LGBTQ+, older people and younger people. Do you know if such a co-housing or other community exists or do I need to start my own?
Eileen P

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Muirén (sounds like moor-RAYN)

Hello Eileen,

I am very active and engaged 64 years old and BIPOC + LGBTQ.

By definition, a new paradigm cannot easily lend itself to the use of cultural shorthand; the sense of the known world many tend to "feel" is universal.

My project is the founding of an innovative, self-supporting Ecocentric, Live-Learn-Make Worker Cooperative for the ArtScience of Communications, Performance, Craft, Artisanship, Intellectual Property and Patent Management.

This community's mission is to artfully demonstrate through a unique fusion of political drama and guerrilla theatre how real-world villages, towns, or cities can transition to an adaptive, resilient, sustainable cooperative paradigm suited for life in an increasingly volatile world.

There are pro forma legal instruments that can make short work of incorporating a consumer, producer, worker, or purchasing cooperative, but creating a hybrid cooperative that innovatively parallels the attributes of an incorporated political subdivision of a state is without precedent.

Municipal politics and regulatory bodies are soul-crushingly byzantine and slow to change. Having served in public office by appointment and election in Ohio, I can state with confidence that resistance is inevitable because any deviation from perceived norms is seen as a threat, particularly if attempted by BIPOC + LGBTQ in Southern states.

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