the BIPOC Council logo, a lantern with a rural landscape inside surrounded by the words BIPOC IC Council

We are a council of BIMPOC (Black, Indigenous, Multiracial, and People of Color) committed to combating anti-blackness and racism within intentional communities.

“Intentional communities” are residential communities that live according to their values. Though this is a simple concept, it is also a radical one, because of the realities of global modernity.

We acknowledge that within intentional communities there is harm caused to people of color, LGBTQI, people with disabilities, and people of all systematically disadvantaged groups, in the form of racism, classism, sexism, and all other forms of oppression and their intersectionality, both lateral and internalized, inherited from colonialism and other systems within modern society.

We also recognize that there are barriers to achieving land, food, and ecological freedom for all intentional communities, and especially for those who already have an experience of oppression.

Our mission is to cultivate radically safe and inclusive communities for black, indigenous, and people of color by providing inspiration, solidarity, and support to those seeking to find or found communities, and to those already living in community.

Our community offers a container to share and learn on our forum and Facebook groups. We also offer financial support, legal help, and technical support.

Overall, we value the fostering of collective liberation, healing, and community building. We seek to be guided first by wisdom, compassion, joy, pleasure, humility, respect, generosity, and gratitude, as opposed to the rigid structures of the external systems of the greater society.

Get Involved

If you’re interested in joining the council, you can! Please visit the Council Members page.

Donate to the BIPOC Fund at The Foundation for Intentional Community is the fiscal sponsor of the BIPOC Council.