Welcome to the BIPOC Intentional Community Council Directory! This directory is intended to help you find resources for starting, maintaining, or joining an intentional community. Please read the following guidelines before posting in the directory. The Council will remove listings that do not conform to these guidelines.

Listing in the directory does not indicate approval by or association with the BIPOC Council. If you have questions or concerns about any of the directory listings, please contact us.



List your forming or established intentional community. An intentional community is a residential community that lives according to its values. These intentional communities can be composed of people of all backgrounds, but the community should have diversity, inclusion, and a commitment to anti-oppression work as part of its values. You can also list co-ops, meetups, and collectives.

In accordance with the United States Fair Housing Law, any listing that advertises housing may not show intent to discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, handicap/disability, or familial status. Your listing may not describe your community as only accepting BIPOC members, and do not describe current or potential residents in racial or ethnic terms. Please see this page for more information about advertising and the Fair Housing Law. The BIPOC Council will remove listings that appear to violate the Fair Housing Law.


If you are a professional that works with intentional communities or individuals, list your services and contact information. This includes real estate agents, diversity consultants, lawyers, permaculture educators, grant writers, and insurance brokers. If you want to offer services in the form of books, workshops, or courses, please use the Resources category.


List websites, books, and other resources that are helpful for intentional community members and seekers. The BIPOC Council will remove listings that appear to be scams or promote unethical business practices.


This category is for anything that does not fit in the above categories.

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