Council Members

Want to join us? The Council is open to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. Individuals can join on their own or as a representative of a community. Communities that wish to join must assign a BIPOC representative to join the Council.

BIPOC Council Membership Process

  1. Join the BIPOC Council Google Group to receive email updates for the Council. Potential members can add themselves and do not need an invite to join the group. Click here to join the Group.
  2. Review the documents linked in the group such as the BIPOC Council Agenda or other meeting minutes.
  3. Ask questions during Council meetings or through the Google Group.
  4. Attend a Council meeting or subcommittee meeting or participate in an offline conversation to remain an active member. Active members are the ones able to approve funding applications.

Join the Google Group.

Active Council Membership

Anyone who identifies as BIPOC can join the Council and observe meetings and discussions. Non-BIPOC can attend public meetings and follow our progress on the website.

Group documents are managed in Google Drive and Google Group members automatically have access to them. Documents should not be edited except by the document owner and subcommittee members. Others can add comments and suggestions.

Active members are defined as Google Group members who attend a meeting or participate in an offline discussion at least once per quarter. Active members have the privilege of discussing funding applications and approving allocation of funds and resources. Regular members and those involved with the applying community will not be able to participate in those discussions.

Council members can leave the Council at any time by removing themselves from the Google Group.

Council Members