Become a BIPOC Council Partner and share your services with our community members! BIPOC Council Partners are organizations and individuals committed to the shared goal of creating inclusive and diverse intentional communities. As a partner, you agree to offer free or reduced price services to BIPOC Council members, who are often searching for:

  • Legal support
  • Real estate advice
  • Grant writing
  • Social media expertise
  • Training
  • Consultants

Partner Benefits

  • Access to a mailing list of BIPOC Council members and supporters
  • A free listing in the directory
  • Regular promotion on social media
  • Your organization, logo, and contact information on our website
  • The opportunity to promote your services at special events

Current Partners


Co-op development and formation assistance

Fiscal sponsorship

Jonorm Creative Marketing, LLC

Graphic design services

Jennifer Hoffpauir, Attorney

Free 30 minute consultation

Flat fee for legal documents

Foundation for Intentional Community

logo for Foundation for Intentional Community

50% off all events and courses

Fiscal sponsorship

Support Black Charities

Social Media Consulting

Contact the Council if you are interested in signing up to be a BIPOC Council Partner.