Continuing the Conversation

  • What did you learn about the experiences of BIPOC in intentional communities?
  • How can you be a better ally for marginalized people?
  • What steps are you going to take to make your community more welcoming?

The Conversation

BIPOC Members Speak: A Conversation About Community was an event hosted by FIC with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color who have previously lived in intentional communities. They shared their experiences and recommendations for allies to help create more inclusive communities.

The Offering

Quarterly check-ins for those inspired by the conversation to continue working toward racial equity and inclusion in intentional communities. The shape and content of these sessions will be up to the participants, but they could follow the format of AWARE LA’s Saturday Dialogues. Each check-in will be scheduled based on the participants’ availability.

How to Join

Register below and we will send an invitation to join the check-ins. The check-ins will be offered for a small donation to the facilitators. If you have questions, please contact the BIPOC Council.