Welcome to the BIPOC Council! This page will explain how the Council operates and how you can contribute.

Member Responsibilities

As a Council member you are invited to participate in our activities and help fulfill our mission of supporting BIPOC-led intentional communities and those who want to join them. We have Council members from all over the world, so we recognize that you may not be able to attend all meetings and events. Read the group threads, Slack, and website updates and engage at the level you choose.

Membership Benefits

Take advantage of discounts and special offers from our Partnership Program!

Council members can register for FIC events using the coupon code YUNZUBM4 to get 50% off the event price.


Regular meetings are quarterly.

Zoom link for the meetings

Time zone converter

Any regular member is invited to participate in meetings. Subcommittee meetings are scheduled over email or in Slack.


We use Slack to communicate offline. Use this link to join the Slack.

Facebook Group

This Facebook group is used to communicate with BIPOC interested in intentional community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/694173774471580

Apply for Funds

If you are interested in applying for funding for your community or as an individual, click here.

Relationship with FIC

The Foundation for Intentional Community is the originator and fiscal sponsor of the Council. FIC takes donations and disburses funds on behalf of the Council, but the Council operates independently of FIC. The Council gives regular updates to the Board of Directors and works with staff to share information and cross promote events.

Memorandum of Understanding with Foundation for Intentional Community

Important Documents

All the below links will give you editor access to the documents. Please do not edit them without notifying the document owner. We will often work asynchronously so feel free leave suggestions or comments in the document instead of editing it.

Meeting agenda and minutes from past meetings

Application process subcommittee minutes

Networking subcommittee minutes

Support call script

Mission statement working doc

Membership structure and application process

Needs matrix for applying communities

Survey results part 1 and part 2