Apply for IC Funding

The BIPOC Council wants to support communities and individuals no matter where they are in the process. Our first set of funds will be focused on communities that have or are ready to purchase land or housing–however, we encourage everyone apply so we can understand your needs for the future.

Interested in receiving support from the BIPOC Council? Fill out the application below. If you prefer to speak with someone, you can leave a message at (443) 422-3741‬ or email

Types of Support

The BIPOC Council will provide these types of support:

  • Financial: grants or loans
  • Intentional Community Training: workshops, courses, and consultants within the intentional community movement.
  • Networking: connection with other communities and seekers
  • Legal: support from a legal team
  • Land search: support from real estate agents

Funding Cycle

The first round of funding will be grants awarded in August 2021. The total amount of funding to all communities will not exceed $15,000.


There are no requirements to apply, but the Council is interested in supporting BIPOC-led communities and communities that are committed to the inclusion of BIPOC. Communities that are majority white will be limited in the amount of financial support they receive. Funding for individuals will be limited to those who identify as BIPOC.

Members of the BIPOC Council are allowed to apply for support for their community–they just have to excuse themselves from meetings where their application is being discussed.


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