Movers and Founders Closed Call

June 13, 2021 2pm EST

This monthly support call is for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to discuss issues important to life in community. The call is only open to BIPOC-identified people.

Stay in touch with the BIPOC council

Links, resources and events shared!

Dr. Myra’s project is called the Nature Studies Conservatory:

Golden Gate Cohousing
We are a young all-rental nonprofit-owned cohousing community (and longtime EBCOHO Supporting Group member) in northwest Oakland (near Emeryville), a block east of San Pablo Avenue. We have started renovation and expansion of our second building, which we expect to be completed in January 2017. We’ll have space for at least 10 more residents. Facebook page is here.

Thrive East Bay

Resilience Hub

POC Housing Network

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