Seekers and Founders Closed Call

May 16, 2021 2-3:50pm EST

This monthly support call is for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to discuss issues important to life in community. The call is only open to BIPOC-identified people.

This call was not recorded.


Hi all, thank you so much for coming this morning, it was a lovely sea of faces and voices! As requested, everyone who shared their email in the chat is included here so that you all can remain in contact, and I have summarised all the links, resources and events that everyone shared. Our next meeting is a month from today, and this will be a closed support call for BIPOC identifying individuals only. Our next open meeting will be in two  months. 

Stay in touch with the BIPOC council

Tips on Finding your People (rough notes from the call)

  • It is easier to find these when you are already living the life that you want. If you are doing what gives you meaning, finding others that share those values and practices comes organically. 
  • Find ways to connect with compatible people in the area in which you are looking! 
  • Identify your core values, things that are vital for you and your life. 
  • Thinking creatively about how to network. There are likely groups on line that already share your groups. If you don’t use social media, try and find someone who is well-versed in social media who can help you access these only communities. 
  • Consider moving into an existing IC, while you are working to build your dream community. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing!  
  • Renting property in the short term is a legitimate choice! We can’t all afford to buy land, and sometimes renting makes it more accessible to others. 
  • Accept that we are all imperfect, and we can operate and build around that. Disagreements are part of life. People will make mistakes and make harmful choices. Sometimes you will find that you are incompatible in the long run  – this is ok! 
  • Have established times for togetherness and conversation. More than just house meetings! 
  • Think about the search terms and language that you are using, different people use different terms – 

>> “intentional community, commune, community house, coop, cooperative, homesteads” 

  • Look to existing community spaces – let them know you are building, they will be connected with online communities and will have applicants that they can’t accept. Ask them to think of you in their search and when they come across people they think would be a good fit. 
  • Make posters and flyers, pop these in physical and digital spaces. 
  • Create a weekly working group/chat time – it’s ok if no one comes to the first few, the regular space is key. 
  • Find existing communities online and let them know that you have a working group. Use facebook, meet up, the site, the BIPOC facebook group. 
  • Build community before you get a space. This is a long run way! Many months. You can start a weekly or monthly potluck, a book group, picnic. This will attract people with shared interests and from there you can find people with shared vision and values. 
  • Listen to what others are looking for, it’s ok if it doesn’t match what you are looking for. We can make space for multiple projects to emerge from this. Remember that community is a scarce resource and if people feel they need to fit your mold, they will do that to their own detriment. It is more generative to allow many things to grow that represents the diverse needs of the many. 
  • From these regular chats, potlucks, book clubs etc, find 1 or 2 people that you feel ready to build with. Invest in time together. See if you can engage in conflict well together, get through a difficult decision. When you feel good about that, you have found your seed team 🙂 

Links, books & resources shared this morning

In care and strength,

Nata, Zarinah, Patrice & the BIPOC council.

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