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Tribe of light workers and land stewards, focusing on healing, love, nature, resiliency, research, education, equality, freedom, and self-sufficiency.

We invite you on a journey to remember what it means, to live as true brothers and sisters; to connect deeply to one another and to feel the fire of our light spirit pulsating lovingly inside our hearts.
We invite you to come, visit, live with us, let's get to know each other and feel if you are part of our tribe and soul family and our shared mission and purpose.
We invite you to remember what it means to be a star seed, a light worker, an empath, a healer, perhaps a walk in, an earth angel, a crystalline, emerald or diamond activated being, or a divine soul having a human experience.
There are many gathering places across the planet, but the question is:
Do you also feel the call to Sardegna as we did?

US State
  • Endless clear shade of blue beaches all around the island
  • Ancient treasures connected to our ancestors in the land

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