The logo is light earthy pink outline of the state of Arkansas. In the center are the words "Sankofa Village Arkansas," and underneath those words is a blue heron reaching back for a seed, which is the symbol of sankofa.
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a forming intentional community centering Black healing, liberation & regeneration

We will be a multifaceted organization - an intentional community, non-profit, and limited equity LLC with the overall mission of transforming multigenerational community health through land stewardship & education for the purposes of housing affordability, wealth-building, and climate resiliency.

Our dream is that all Black Arkansans have access to intentional communities where they can safely engage in healing and liberatory practices in relationship with each other and Mother Earth. Extractive systems created from colonization and capitalism exploit people, our plant and animal kin, and our non-living home, hurrying us towards a destructive future. We hope to like a dandelion, pulling up and distributing nutrients, inspiring other community-based efforts to seed and flourish - roots interconnecting as we collectively build a more sustainable and just Arkansas.

We imagine the village in a land trust model that includes tiny homes, a market garden, workshop and shared community spaces with natural areas for plant medicine and native habitat.

Please reach out if you are (1) Black and live in or have roots in Arkansas and would like to learn more (2) if you would like to suggest a mutually beneficial partnership, or (3) if you are also forming a BIPOC-led intentional community or aligned project and want to connect.

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