Movers & Founders Support Call

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Free Event: Sunday, July 18 at 11am -12:30pm PDT

A Conversation with Sabereh Kashi of Golden Gate Cohousing, Register

The mission of Golden Gate Cohousing is to provide affordable harmonious eco-housing for people helping to make the world a better place. The community reflects multiple cultures and diverse ethnicities. Golden Gate Cohousing is engaged in a wide range of pursuits, including holistic culinary healing and counseling, property management, child care, teaching, agroecology, environmental and community activism, conscious puppetry, urban gardening, food justice, social justice, animal rights, herbalism, documentary filmmaking, restorative justice, non-violent communication, meditation, yoga, dance, music, art, and play.

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About the monthly BIPOC Support Calls

Our mission is to inspire, support & assist Black, Indigenous, People of Color and other socially disenfranchised groups to find, found or create intentional community. Our events featuring guest speakers (every 3rd month) are open to all, while our closed Support Calls are open to BIPOC identified people only.

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